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Twist Sun Bed Lamps are futuristic and the new tanning concept is at the forefront of the very latest in special narrow spectrum technology. The scientific wavelength studies produced by NASA only goes to strengthen and enhance the capability of this product. The brilliant pink light ambience combined with the patented glass twist effect will capture the tanning capabilities whilst also delivering an unparalleled glowing, dark, luxurious tan, leaving the skin cleansed, rejuvenated and blemish free.

TWIST is a unique technology containing:
UVB for creation of melanin and vitamin D
UVA for a dark healthy Tan
Blue light for cleaning & blemish free skin
Red light for skin rejuvenation and soothing
Seven points claimed by the manufacturer
Premium Tanning Results
Rejuvenated Skin
Younger looking skin
Smoothing of Wrinkles
Production of Vitamin D (Your happy Vitamin)
Blemish Free Skin
Improves Blood Circulation

STANDARD = £1 per min
PACKAGE 1 = 30mins £20 (save £10 off standard price)
PACKAGE 2 = 60mins £35 (save £25 off standard price)
PACKAGE 3 = 100mins £50 (save £50 off standard price)
Re-usable Goggles = £1.50
Tan Accelerators = £2.50

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